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How to get Positive Reviews from Your Hotel Guests?

It is quite obvious that you will want positive reviews from your hotel guests. Positive reviews attract new visitors to the hotel and also inspire the hotel staff members to give their best efforts in attending the guests. However, you must understand that guests will give positive reviews only when they get good service from [...]

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10 brilliant books that every hotel manager needs to read

The present age is of digital technology. But the importance of physical books will always be there however digital we might have become. There are many physical books which can provide an in-depth knowledge of many hotel and hospitality practices that are always relevant. These books provide you with additional knowledge besides what is [...]

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What hotel star ratings actually mean

One can easily get confused over the quality and value of hotel star ratings. While booking hotels from various online websites you might see the same property listed as five stars, four stars, three stars etc. But the question that remains in our minds is what does these hotel star ratings even mean in [...]

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Top 10 Job Oriented Courses After Class 12th – DSHM India

Board exams are over and the most important question which has left hundreds and thousands of students baffled is what they should do after passing class 12th ? Answers are almost unlimited in number. Many of you must have already decided which path to choose. The road you take will lead you to your destination through [...]

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7 Key Hotel Revenue Management Trends to Watch in 2018 | DSHM

It may sound odd but the fact is that there are many common things in managing your health and managing your revenue. You can get great results if you follow the proven strategy. You must decide a number of things to start planning your hotel revenue management strategies which are taught in DSHM, a hotel [...]

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