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A Message from the Desk of Principal

Hospitality Management goes by many names. Even so, its importance in the world of business is clear: it is the largest business activity in the world. How this business operates, and its impact on the local economy varies from country to country, but its importance is undeniable.
The hospitality industry allows you to develop yourself – professionally and as a person. Not only do you improve on the professional skills you already possess, but with time and commitment you learn others due to the variety of colleagues, clients and situations that will put you to the test.
With today’s fast-growing businesses, more and more focus is channelised towards making a profit, which is the main purpose of business in the first place; however, in hotels the products are not limited to events, meals, rooms or drinks – they extend to service and there is always a way to improve services and our service-industry skills.
DSHM, Kolkata is renowned to have its strong links with the industry and ensures that students are well equipped with the required skills and thus holds an excellent placement record. Hence come alive at DSHM, Kolkata where nothing holds you back from achieving your rightful destiny. We extend you a warm welcome and assure that you will find the environment chosen by you highly educative and professionally rewarding.
In conclusion, the hotel industry is a pretty interesting and pleasant domain to get involved in. As any other job, it has its ups and downs, and that’s the great part of it: there is always place for innovation and there will always be innovators.

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