Top Hotel Revenue Management Strategies For 2019

As a hotelier, you may be planning something as a part of the hotel revenue management strategies every year. To get more bookings, increase your revenue, cut your costs and a lot more things, you may be doing what you can. However, there are certain things that you may miss out and this can result [...]

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The Role of Hotel Management Institutions in the Career of Students

The students are properly trained to become thorough hospitality professionals at the in the course of hotel management. The students acquire proper theoretical and practical knowledge in a professional hotel management course. The industry gets trained and experienced manpower from the candidates who receive technical education in hospitality. During their course, the students are exposed [...]

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Interviewing For Hotel Management Jobs? Tips To Make A Great Impression

Those who are in the final year of their hotel management course are going to enter the hotel industry soon. To acquire a good job in the hotel industry, one has to fare well in the job interview. There are various types of jobs in the hotel industry and in all job interviews, recruiters assess [...]

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Getting the best out of Hotel Marketing on Trip Advisor!

Being in the hotel business, one just cannot ignore the Tripadvisor reviews. Guests are not only excited about putting their reviews on hotel websites after their visit, but they also love to draft their detailed experience, either positive or negative. Travel planners also rely on these reviews to plan their trips. To learn more tips [...]

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Everything you want to know about hotel management internships

For almost all of us vacation means only one thing- lots and lots of travelling and seeing new places. As travelling is emerging as a new passion among youngsters, the tourism industry seems to reap heavy benefits from this trend. A major part of tourism industry is hospitality. Increasing opportunities in hospitality industry has made [...]

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What hotel star ratings actually mean

One can easily get confused over the quality and value of hotel star ratings. While booking hotels from various online websites you might see the same property listed as five stars, four stars, three stars etc. But the question that remains in our minds is what does these hotel star ratings even mean in [...]

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