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Cost of Food & Beverage and Cost of Sales

The total cost of food and beverage in a restaurant is calculated by using the stock take and purchase received. Purchases refer to all credit and cash purchases purchase returns/return outwards refer to any returns that have already been included under the heading of purchases. When calculating the value of stock the normal practice followed [...]

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Food and Beverage Marketing Feasibility

Potential investors can decide whether or not to finance a certain project by evaluating the results of the Feasibility Study. These results guide the planners and architects of the project, and assist managers as they develop Food and Beverage Marketing plans and prepare initial operating budget.While the scope of a feasibility study varies from project [...]

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What is Hotel Management?

Hotel Management is the study of unique professional management techniques and strategies related to hotel administration, operation and catering. Hospitality is an engaging, sociable working environment, with career opportunities whereever you go! Hotels, resorts, restaurants, nightclubs and bars are a few establishments that make up the exciting industry.

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