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Getting the best out of Hotel Marketing on Trip Advisor!

Being in the hotel business, one just cannot ignore the Tripadvisor reviews. Guests are not only excited about putting their reviews on hotel websites after their visit, but they also love to draft their detailed experience, either positive or negative. Travel planners also rely on these reviews to plan their trips. To learn more tips [...]

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Which course in hotel management gets you a job with highest pay?

Your career in hospitality management can range from an executive chef to a hotel manager and a lot in between. In order to make the world a better place you don’t need to be a humanitarian aid worker; rather making people’s life slightly manageable can also serve the purpose. I mean, just think about it: [...]

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Why is customer service in the hotel industry everything?

Today, the hotel business is a lot different from what it used to be maybe ten or twenty years ago. It is nothing sort of a challenge to keep the customer satisfied. People just don’t fade away with a simple “please” and “thank you”. Customers today look for memorable experiences and dynamic service when and [...]

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10 signs a hotel management career is right for you

Hotel management is one of the most dynamic fields promising an exciting career and blissful future. As more and more people are travelling each year, the demand for hotel management professional has seen a constant rise. New hotels are mushrooming in every part of the country and these hotels require skilled and experienced professionals [...]

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Everything you want to know about hotel management internships

For almost all of us vacation means only one thing- lots and lots of travelling and seeing new places. As travelling is emerging as a new passion among youngsters, the tourism industry seems to reap heavy benefits from this trend. A major part of tourism industry is hospitality. Increasing opportunities in hospitality industry has made [...]

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What hotel star ratings actually mean

One can easily get confused over the quality and value of hotel star ratings. While booking hotels from various online websites you might see the same property listed as five stars, four stars, three stars etc. But the question that remains in our minds is what does these hotel star ratings even mean in [...]

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8 Ways To Become The Best Hotel Front Office Manager

First impression is everything in a hotel. The image of your hotel can be made or broken by the way your front desk staffs greet and attend to customers. A front office manager leads from the front like other good leaders. Your staff will get the right knowledge and training from you to excel in [...]

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A Career in Hospitality : Your Role of a Lifetime – DSHM

Hospitality Industry offers some of the most well paid jobs in the market. Whether you want to go with your existing career or switch on to a new one, hospitality sector has a wide range of exciting job opportunities. When we think about “Hospitality”, the first thing that comes in our mind will be some [...]

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Top 10 Job Oriented Courses After Class 12th – DSHM India

Board exams are over and the most important question which has left hundreds and thousands of students baffled is what they should do after passing class 12th ? Answers are almost unlimited in number. Many of you must have already decided which path to choose. The road you take will lead you to your destination through [...]

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7 Key Hotel Revenue Management Trends to Watch in 2018 | DSHM

It may sound odd but the fact is that there are many common things in managing your health and managing your revenue. You can get great results if you follow the proven strategy. You must decide a number of things to start planning your hotel revenue management strategies which are taught in DSHM, a hotel [...]

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